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You must all know by now that I am, first and foremost and forever, a reader. Raised on a diet of Nancy Drew and Anne Shirley, tremulously stepping into adulthood with the help of Jane Eyre and Bertie Wooster (disparate, I know), and flowering (hopefully) under the watchful eye of dear Hemingway, Chandler, and Fitzgerald (where to stop?), there is good reason that I own seven pairs of glasses.

It’s not only the words inside of books I love, though. It’s also a book’s appearance. There are few sights more aesthetically pleasing than a beautifully designed book cover. Unless, of course, it’s a stack of many such books on a table, shelf, or windowsill. Indeed, I think books are the ultimate decorating tool: no room should be without them, and every room looks better with them.

I have three Pinterest boards devoted to books: Books, Books & More Books, A Place to Read, and Interiors: The Library. Out of my 61 Pinterest boards, I think they are probably the ones I pin to most of all. So if you too love book visuals, I would heartily suggest following me there! And if you come across new books, shelves, or libraries that I need to see, please share your pictures with me!

Here’s a little sampling of what you’ll find on said boards. It was sure hard to choose only a few!

This colourful array, so artfully combined, comes from one of my favourite blogs/Instagram feeds, 5ftinf.

You see what I was saying about books as decor – always a delightful decorating choice! This image is from Tumblr’s “A Creative Mess.” I’m now quite keen to find some old tins and set a table like this.


In winter, it’s very appropriate to find a mahogany-lined library to sequester yourself in, but summer seems to call for something different. We need more natural light, some fresh air, and a heap of airy linens. I imagine that this hanging shelf from Urban Outfitters looks out on a Mediterranean vista, and holds Daniel Deronda and Death in Venice.

Books, Library
When I first saw this room, I wasn’t sure – too dark, too haphazard? But now I think it’s quite jolly and pirate-y. It seems like somewhere to wear old linen pants, canvas shoes, and a slightly moth-eaten cotton sweater. Top all that off with a lot of tea, some really good cake and a book of slightly ill-repute, and I think we could call it a splendid place to hide out for an afternoon.
Send me those pins! I’ll be waiting in the library.

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