The 10 Best Bookmark Makers of Etsy

I’ve just been counting my bookmark collection. It seems I own, give or take a few stuck in current reads, 34 bookmarks. They’re a motley crew, and none of them inspire me to kick a filthy habit: turning down the corners of books. And me, a librarian’s granddaughter!

To effect a cure, I headed to Etsy to see what bookmarks I could find. There was such a variety of beautiful, cleverly designed bookmarks that I decided to share the shops that make them. Very kindly, each shop owner I contacted agree to give you, dear readers, a discount for their goods.

As I’m sure you’ll agree, anyone of these bookmarks is a gem. I’m equally sure that they will get me away from turning down those dratted corners!

Here they are then: The 10 Best Bookmark Makers of Etsy. 


Let’s start off with these gentle, letterpress bookmarks from Tag Team Tompkins. Hailing from Kansas City, Missouri, I love how Diane and Madeline Tompkins describe their shop:

Tag Team Tompkins makes art for book lovers, for people like ourselves. We find words of wit and wisdom from the past that surprise us with their modernity.

Wonderful, isn’t it? They’ve kindly offered my readers a 20% discount on purchases over $10. Use the code “4OLIVE20” when you checkout on Etsy.


From Kansas City we head to Nova Scotia-based ParadisePapercraft. I’ll let owner Adrian tell us about himself and his shop:

Hi, I’m Adrian de Montfort, I’m an English expat, now dual Canadian citizen living in Paradise Nova Scotia. I live in a secluded farmhouse with a husband and kids, chickens, cats and a dog and I cut pieces of card into sarcastic, scientific and yarnarific (that a word?) greetings cards for people who like to send something different.

Until the end of August, receive 10% off your order from ParadiePapercraft by using the code OLIVESEA when you checkout on Etsy. You can find more ParadisePapercraft on Facebook.


Our tour of the world’s bookmark makers continues to Spain, where Teresa and Miguel craft accessories from felt, fabrics and wool in their shop, Ovejita Be (“Little Sheep Bah”).

I love how they describe each other: We are 32, and we live in a small city near Barcelona (Spain). We are a happy couple; an Art Restorer and a Telecommunications Engineer with lots of creativity and sheep in our heads.

Utterly whimsical and charming; it’s no wonder their goods are just so!

Receive 10% off your order (shipping excluded) when you use the code ANOLIVESEA at checkout on Etsy. You can find more Ovejita Be on Instagram

Bookmarklovers stojanek 2


When a shop is called “Bookmarklovers,” you know you’re in the right place. So it is with this Prague-based Etsy shop, founded by three friends (an agency copywriter, a graphic designer, and an illustrator). Wanting to combine their shared love of “the same books, book illustration, old masters, [and] paper work,” they set up shop.

Their illustrated, silk-screened bookmarks are works of art. If you don’t use them as they are intended, frame the whole collection! It’s that beautiful.

Until July 20th, receive 15% off your order when you purchase $8 or more. Use the code ANOLIVESEA when you checkout from Etsy. You can find more of Bookmarklovers on Facebook (here and here), Instagram, and Pinterest.


From Prague to Germany, where we meet Bianca from blancETSY. Her bookmarks make me laugh out loud. From pigs and cats to dogs and horses, she crafts animal behinds that you didn’t know you needed sticking out of your books! Her biography proves that she is, indeed, a designer with a good sense of humour.

“Hi, I’m Bianca and live in the countryside, the beautiful “Westerwald” in Germany. I studied architecture and design and absolutely love design “with humor”. So I try to create playful and humorous products which are able to raise a smile.

Until July 31st, you can receive 15% off your order by using the code ANOLIVESEA when you checkout on Etsy.

You can find more blancETSY on Facebook.


When I first saw Taryn Knight’s Sherlock Holmes bookmark, I almost pressed the checkout button immediately. Then I saw the rest of her shop and was glad I hadn’t: I need time to save my pennies so I can buy everything! This talented illustrator and self-professed “cat lady” is going to be big, dear readers. Head over to taryndraws to see her beautifully coloured and charmingly wrought illustrations.

Receive 15% off your order by using the code 15OFF when you checkout on Etsy. The code is valid through August.

You can find more of taryndraws on Tumblr and Instagram.


We journey to Poland now, where Agnieszka and Mieszko create bookmarks, prints, and other home accessories with “passion and love.” With a skill for typography and simple imagery, their shop, HomeDecorDrawing is our necessary Harry Potter bookmark stop!

You can receive 30% off anything in the shop when you use the code OLIVE30 at checkout on Etsy.

You can find more HomeDecorDrawing on Facebook and Instagram.


It’s a long way from Poland to Texas, but that’s just where we’re headed It’s time to meet Grace Einkauf of GracefulDiligence. I love her tasteful silhouette bookmarks, especially as I think of how each is lovingly hand cut:

Some books are impossible to put down. But for those times when you HAVE to pause, I make unique bookmarks to hold your place. I trace each one from a stencil (which is also handmade) onto black paper, meticulously cut it out by hand with an Olfa exacto knife, and laminate it using self-seal laminate sheets. No machines- just old-fashioned handicraft!

You can receive 15% your order from Grace when you use the code “15feature” at checkout on Etsy.


This is RogueCrusade of Gallipolis, Ohio. Crafting “unique gifts for arty geeks,” owner Jess Thompson has very cleverly created a dual-purpose bookmark! Use it to hold your place in a book, or stencil a few doodles in your favourite notebook.

Until July 1st, 2017, receive 10% off your order on Etsy or when you use the code OLIVELOVES at checkout.

You can find more RogueCrusade on Facebook and Pinterest.


And finally, we end our tour in Russia. Here, HouseOnTheCloud owner Nadya Vasileva uses polymer clay to sculpt tiny, character-filled bookmarks. From a mouse with glasses and a scarf to a sleepy fox, these tiny creatures exude woodland magic.

Until July 31st, receive 5% off your order when you use the coupon code ANOLIVESEA at checkout on Etsy.


Thank you so much to all the Etsy sellers who participated in this post! I encourage my readers to hop on over to all the shops and have a good browse.

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2 Responses to The 10 Best Bookmark Makers of Etsy

  1. Jean | July 15, 2016 at 12:32 am #

    I do so love a good bookmark! My favorite is one cross-stitched by a dear friend, though it has grown so precious (since she died, there will be no more of them) I no longer use it as a bookmark. I hope you don’t mind if I scold you for turning down corners! I don’t mind writing in one’s own books if it is done neatly and sparingly and to some good purpose, but turning down corners (or licking one’s fingers to turn a page), hmmph! Not the done thing! :-)

    • sidneyfalconer July 15, 2016 at 4:21 am #

      Your cross-stitched bookmark sounds so precious! I have one that my grandmother (the librarian) made for me years ago. It’s pressed flowers under waxed paper, and I dare not use it anymore. Please scold me for turning down the corners! It’s a terrible habit, but one I think I’m curing. :)

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