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My Favourite Teas from Murchie’s Tea & Coffee

As promised, I’ve been compiling my favourite teas to share with you. (What a sacrifice to drink cup after cup for my readers.) I’ve come up with so many that I’ve had to separate them by tea company! This isn’t a bad thing, as it gives us a chance to get to known some tea purveyors just a little bit better. Today, we’re delighting in the offerings of Murchie’s Tea & Coffee. 

If you’re Canadian, and if you’re from the West Coast especially, it’s likely you’re familiar with this heritage company. Murchie’s was founded in 1894 by John Murchie, a chap who cut his teeth in the tea business by delivering tea to Queen Victoria when she was in residence at Balmoral. An auspicious start, we would say!

I love Murchie’s because their teas are delicious, but also because they have some wonderfully evocative names: Library Blend (crafted to celebrate the opening of Vancouver’s Library Square), Hatley Castle (better known today as Royal Roads University), and CBC Radio Blend (created to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation).

Murchie’s offers an extensive range of teas (and coffee), so much so that it’s been difficult to choose my favourites! Indeed, it’s closer to the truth to say that these are some of my favourites. With this caveat, let’s pour our first cup.

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A Time for Tea

Tea Cup Illustration - "Hit Me with Your Best Pot"

Darned if I don’t appreciate a good tea pun. This one comes via bluewillow.

I am so much the quintessential (stereotypical?) book-reading tea drinker. Brew me a strong pot, lay out a lovely mug, and pass me a book. There is nothing more I need! (Except perhaps a nice slice of pound cake.)

I’m currently at work putting together a post on my favourite teas of the moment, but while that brews, I thought I would also share some images from one of my Pinterest boards, “A Time for Tea.” After my book boards, this is my favourite place to pin. Tea puns, quips and quotes, beautiful cups and mugs, and delectable looking scones with cream and jam – you can find them all here.

But first, as a sneak peek to my upcoming favourite teas post, why not enjoy what I am currently relishing: Murchie’s loose leaf “Scottish Breakfast” tea. A strong black tea, it offers a satisfying briskness that is not as strong as an Irish Breakfast, for instance. It’s pure Highland comfort. I keep it in this lovely loose-leaf tin, also from Murchie’s.

Now back to the scheduled program!

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Rain, Come Again


“The best thing one can do when it’s raining is to let it rain” – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

If you’re caught outside in it, your umbrella flapping wildly, your pant legs soggy, you likely won’t love rain so much as I did today. The wind beat a steady wallop of the wet stuff against the windows, thrashing the branches of the barren trees and making me thankful for my warm cup of tea and dry feet.

This is the time to draw in, to find the softest corner of your favourite chair, and hug your Darjeeling while the world clashes around outside. It is the best of excuses to close the door on the world, even for a little while.

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A Nice Cup of Tea


“When I look through my own recipe for the perfect cup of tea, I find no fewer than eleven outstanding points” – George Orwell

Here I am, writing a blog about “all things soothing and comforting” and I have yet to write about tea, the true essence of this phrase. I was raised on the stuff as some children are raised on milk or orange juice, encouraged to let the water come to a full “rolling boil” and, no matter the hurry, to let the tea steep well.

I therefore thought it would be appropriate to do a little Internet exploring about my beverage of choice. Perhaps I could discover the best teas of the world and pass them on to my readers. (How I would love to pass you an actual cup!) Yet, in the process, I came across a very practical essay published by George Orwell in 1946, not a writer I generally associate with comfort. Here were all my musings on tea summed up for me!

If you have a few minutes, brew yourself a good strong pot of Earl Grey, and read Orwell’s instructions on how to make it even better.

A Nice Cup of Tea by George Orwell

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