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The 10 Best Bookmark Makers of Etsy

I’ve just been counting my bookmark collection. It seems I own, give or take a few stuck in current reads, 34 bookmarks. They’re a motley crew, and none of them inspire me to kick a filthy habit: turning down the corners of books. And me, a librarian’s granddaughter!

To effect a cure, I headed to Etsy to see what bookmarks I could find. There was such a variety of beautiful, cleverly designed bookmarks that I decided to share the shops that make them. Very kindly, each shop owner I contacted agree to give you, dear readers, a discount for their goods.

As I’m sure you’ll agree, anyone of these bookmarks is a gem. I’m equally sure that they will get me away from turning down those dratted corners!

Here they are then: The 10 Best Bookmark Makers of Etsy.  Continue Reading →

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