Secondary Sources Requried

Olive has always considered this a bad habit: she often prefers reading about a book to reading the book itself.

With the discovery of podcasts (rather late, I know), this has now morphed into a preference for listening to knowledgeable, articulate folk talk about books, even authors discussing their own works. There was first British Booker-winning author Penelope Lively on Moon Tiger via BBC’s World Book Club. Absolutely absorbing and hosted with admirable restraint and poise by Harriet Gilbert, you needn’t have read the book in order to enjoy this hour long-conversation. Olive is always impressed by the depth of the questions BBC World Service listeners send in, and by the thoughtful answers the authors provide, discussions which often delve into their craft, how they work as authors. Perhaps one day I shall have the courage to call in myself. Until then, why not join Olive, and pop an episode onto your iPod? The rhythm is just perfect for an hour-long walk.

Do you have any favorite podcasts, websites, book, et cetera, on books? Any irresistible reviews that leave you itching to read?

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