My Favourite Teas from Murchie’s Tea & Coffee

As promised, I’ve been compiling my favourite teas to share with you. (What a sacrifice to drink cup after cup for my readers.) I’ve come up with so many that I’ve had to separate them by tea company! This isn’t a bad thing, as it gives us a chance to get to known some tea purveyors just a little bit better. Today, we’re delighting in the offerings of Murchie’s Tea & Coffee. 

If you’re Canadian, and if you’re from the West Coast especially, it’s likely you’re familiar with this heritage company. Murchie’s was founded in 1894 by John Murchie, a chap who cut his teeth in the tea business by delivering tea to Queen Victoria when she was in residence at Balmoral. An auspicious start, we would say!

I love Murchie’s because their teas are delicious, but also because they have some wonderfully evocative names: Library Blend (crafted to celebrate the opening of Vancouver’s Library Square), Hatley Castle (better known today as Royal Roads University), and CBC Radio Blend (created to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation).

Murchie’s offers an extensive range of teas (and coffee), so much so that it’s been difficult to choose my favourites! Indeed, it’s closer to the truth to say that these are some of my favourites. With this caveat, let’s pour our first cup.


Baker Street 3

Fresh out of the pot is Baker Street Blend. Of course, I had to try a tea that was named after one of my favourite detectives. Luckily, this blend is more than just a charming name; it’s also delicious. Jasmine adds a touch of sweetness, while Lapsang Souchong brings the smokiness to Keemun, Ceylon, and Gunpowder. It’s wonderfully balanced, and very satisfying for an afternoon spent with Sherlock and Watson.

Baker Street 2
As seen in my picture above, one of the things that I love about Murchie’s is their 10-bag samplers. You can try a tea out that you fancy without having to commit to a larger amount. They are quite nicely priced too, usually being under $5CAD.

If you’re looking for a good gift for a tea lover (such as yourself), you might like to look at Murchie’s “Special Collections.” These sets of 10-bag samplers bring together so many tempting teas. For Christmas, I received three of these collections, from which I discovered so many new favourite teas!

I’ve finished my first cup. Shall we move on?

Russian Caravan 2

Next up is my newest find: Russian Caravan. I love Murchie’s straight Lapsang Souchong, but I’m particularly enchanted when it’s blended with Darjeeling and China black to create this softly smoky, faintly sweet brew. I have to share Murchie’s description of this tea, as it’s so evocative:

Bright and flavourful, Russian Caravan takes its name from the camel trains that traveled from China to Russia, once used to transport fine teas to the courts of the Czar in Saint Petersburg.

It has been said that the blend was created to rekindle some of the flavours found in those teas, hints of campfire and bright starry nights. Unique blending of Lapsang, Darjeeling and China black tea creates a rich, aromatic brew with a smoky flavour.

Scottish Breakfast 2

Our last pot of the day is going to be made with one of my old favourites, Scottish Breakfast. This is a traditionally strong brew for those of us who like to start our days off with something a little malty and oaky, and with the necessary punch to get us up from the table and out onto the moors (or at least the highway).

Scottish Breakfast 1

Murchie’s offers a number of their teas in loose leaf, which is what I have Scottish Breakfast in. I’ve stored it in Murchie’s own “‘Tea Tin,” one of many tea accessories that they also sell.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little review of one of my favourite tea companies. I encourage you to browse their website, but I can’t be held responsible if your tea collection suddenly triples after you do!

Till our next cup,


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