My 2 Favourite Book Podcasts

1950s Bush Radio
Cool radio, isn’t it? You can purchase it here, podcasts not included.

I’ve always loved walking, but since I became the proud (and slightly exhausted) owner of a dog, walking has became a necessary routine in my day. While I love to listen to birds, lawn mowers, and muted piano playing, sometimes I get bored of these usual sight and sounds. Enter the podcast, saviour to all commuters, travellers, and dog-walkers!

Today, I’m sharing two of my favourite book podcasts.

What Should I Read Next

by Modern Mrs. Darcy (aka Anne Bogel)

I’ve been reading Modern Mrs. Darcy for awhile now, and I always appreciate author Anne Bogel’s succinct reading recommendations. I really enjoy her new podcast because of its clever frame: she acts as “literary matchmaker” to one guest, asking them about three books they love, one book they hate, and what they’d like to change about their reading life. From this information, she waves her literary wand and gifts her guest with three personalized book recommendations. She is skilled at drawing out the literary tastes of her readersĀ — from those who value plot-driven narratives to people who need emphatic characters — and always seems to offer suggestions that they’re excited to pick up.

I love to hear what other people are reading, especially if people strongly dislike a book someone else loved! If you like to read books written within the last ten years, I think you’ll find this podcast especially helpful; the books talked about and recommended are usually fairly modern. Enjoy eavesdropping on someone else’s reading life, Anne Bogel’s spot-on recommendations… And her great laugh!

A Good Read

BBC Radio 4 – Hosted by Harriett Gilbert

Four years ago, I posted about my admiration for another podcast hosted by Harriett Gilbert, the BBC’s “World Book Club.” I still enjoy this podcast, but I’m especially enjoying the more intimate “A Good Read.” Here, excellent host Gilbert invites two guests to offer up their picks of a “good read.” The guests can be more combative than on “What Should I Read Next,” and the book selections more varied. I enjoy when there is an especially disparate selection of three choices (Gilbert offers her good read, too). Sometimes it is truly a grab-bag, but you’ll be grateful for being exposed to more obscure books. My Goodreads “to-read” list as grown dangerously large since I started listening to this podcast, and I feel yours will too.

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