With much warmth, welcome to An Olive Sea!

One dark and stormy night (really!) in 2007, I started a blog on a whim. It was a place to write about all the things I loved — reading, art, nature and clothes, just for a start. In 2014, I also started a blog solely devoted to books and reading, Olive Reads. Finally, I decided to just combine everything into one proper website, An Olive Sea, the place you now find yourself.

On my travels I may sail through the pages of a new book, admire a perfectly tailored coat, or revel in an exotically fragranced perfume. Wherever I journey, I emphasize beauty, quality, and the pursuit of a richly hued life. Above all, I strive to take my readers on genial voyages of imagination and elegance.

So read on, my fellow wanderers! I cannot wait for you to join me.

P.S. Want me to review a book or product? Trot over to my contact page for further details.

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