A Time for Tea

Tea Cup Illustration - "Hit Me with Your Best Pot"

Darned if I don’t appreciate a good tea pun. This one comes via bluewillow.

I am so much the quintessential (stereotypical?) book-reading tea drinker. Brew me a strong pot, lay out a lovely mug, and pass me a book. There is nothing more I need! (Except perhaps a nice slice of pound cake.)

I’m currently at work putting together a post on my favourite teas of the moment, but while that brews, I thought I would also share some images from one of my Pinterest boards, “A Time for Tea.” After my book boards, this is my favourite place to pin. Tea puns, quips and quotes, beautiful cups and mugs, and delectable looking scones with cream and jam – you can find them all here.

But first, as a sneak peek to my upcoming favourite teas post, why not enjoy what I am currently relishing: Murchie’s loose leaf “Scottish Breakfast” tea. A strong black tea, it offers a satisfying briskness that is not as strong as an Irish Breakfast, for instance. It’s pure Highland comfort. I keep it in this lovely loose-leaf tin, also from Murchie’s.

Now back to the scheduled program!

If it’s possible, I own far too many tea pots, tea cups, tea spoons… But I still want to add this one from the every-tempting Anthropologie to my collection. It’s designed by Lou Rota. I caution against going to their website… Money may be spent. You can find more pieces like this on my “Ceramics and Pottery” Pinterest board.

Tea Time Illustation
There are so many charming tea illustrations to be found online. It makes one want to open a tea room just to decorate with them. This one comes via Etsy shop puikeprent.

Tea Party
There is nothing I like more than a tea party. I’ve chosen this image from a host of choices because it departs from the usual Alice in Wonderland variety (which I do love, too). The distressed wood, touches of lace, and blue and white china speaks of a gentle afternoon.

Tea Illustration - "It's Always Tea Time."

Yes, it is. As such, I’m off to make another favourite blend… But you’ll have to wait until my next instalment to find out what I’m drinking!

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